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Peridot - the Joyful Peacemaker

August is the month of hot summer nights, time to make memories with family and friends and an opportunity to take much-needed rest. As such, it is no surprise that the dominating gemstone for the period is peridot. It is a precious crystal found in different parts of the world with bright green colour and many spiritual and metaphysical properties.

Peridot and the Zodiac Signs

As we are in Leo season, you will be right to assume peridot is the governing stone of everyone who happens to be born under this star sign. Leo's nature focuses on the self in many aspects. Sometimes they come across as superficial, self-centred and vain. In reality, though, that's just their confidence and desire to look good. Peridot is a stone that can certainly complement the appearance of those wearing it, making them look classy, sophisticated, yet able to have fun. Leos, however, can choose from two other birthstones - citrine and amber. Both of them are valuable addition to one's crystal collection and make a fantastic accessory to a variety of outfits with their fiery colours.

As for peridot, it is known to positively impact other zodiac signs too - virgo, scorpio, sagittarius and according to the Chinese calendar, those born in the year of the Monkey.

Peridot and the Chakras

Peridot corresponds best to the 4th chakra - the Heart. On a spiritual level it promotes compassion, deep love and affection. It is truly a love stone. But that love can come not only from the outside. Peridot also helps one's inner voice to come forward and encourages people to follow their destiny. Further than that, in many teachings, this gemstone is used to stimulate the solar plexus, which controls the function of most of our organs and systems.

With its bright green colour, peridot is also one of the abundance crystals used to attract more money, financial stability and growth opportunities.

Health Benefits of Peridot

This lovely stone carries a positive, joyful energy, which undoubtedly affects your mood. It is known for its ability to calm anger and anxiety and bring peace and rest to the mind. On a physical level, it promotes good quality sleep. Peridot is also a great detoxifier, stimulating the work of the liver and improving the metabolism. It is even believed that the stone can influence weight loss, better digestion and nutrient absorption.

When to Give Peridot as a Gift

Peridot is a traditional gift for the 16th wedding anniversary. Its association with the heart chakra makes it a perfect symbol of undying love and affection in romantic relationships. Furthermore, the stone is also connected to new beginnings, positivity and abundance. It makes a great present for someone who is moving into a new house or starting a new venture. Last but not least, a peridot bracelet is a thoughtful birthday gift for Leos, Virgos, Scorpios and Sagittarians.

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