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Carnelian - The Abundance Booster

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In the month of May, nature blesses us abundantly with new life, energy and sunshine. So, it is only natural that one of the birthstones associated with this month is carnelian - the abundance booster. Now, it is important to mention that the leading stone for May is indeed Emerald, however, it is also considered a gem, much more expensive and rare to find. Carnelian, on the other hand, is vastly available, relatively affordable and extremely powerful. It is one of the most prominent stones attracting money, financial stability and yes, you guessed it, abundance.

Carnelian Star Sign

Due to its fiery colours, carnelian is linked to Aries. As a fire sign, Aries is prone to burnout and carnelian can perfectly balance the physical energy. In addition, this crystal provides guidance and a boost in confidence, which is needed for manifesting dreams and achieving goals. Including financial targets. And if you are wondering what about Taurus? May is the month of Tauruses and Gemini, right? Don't worry - I got you covered. Tauruses are spoilt for choice when it comes to guiding stones - rose quartz, black tourmaline and malachite.

Carnelian and Body Chakras

Carnelian connects best to the Root and Sacral chakras. These are the chakras where the energy is the densest, so it needs a really powerful stone to channel and balance it. If there are blocks preventing the free flow, it is very easy for the energy to become stale and this is what brings a very physical feeling of heaviness in the lower part of our bodies or burdens on a spiritual level.

Health Benefits Associated with Carnelian

If you are someone who often suffers from fatigue and find it hard to start your mornings quick, carnelian can provide you with a constant stream of energy. Also, it is a perfect stone to help you increase your libido and reignite some sparks. Mentally, it is a strong aid in the battle against depression. It boosts your self-confidence, love of life and courage to chase your dreams.

When to Give Carnelian as a Gift

For those who have been married a considerably long time, carnelian jewellery makes a special gift. Traditionally, it is the anniversary gemstone for the 17th year of marriage. Now that you know about its links to passion and reigniting love flames, it makes perfect sense to be given at that point of a couple's union. But also, carnelian bracelets can be a lovely present for someone celebrating a birthday in May or born under the star sign of Aries. Last but not least, carnelian is business people's favourite stone (along with citrine). If a loved one or a friend starts a new job or a new business, there is no better gift than a keepsake featuring carnelian.

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