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Deeply Rooted

You've heard me say I love my home country and our ancient traditions. Shevitsa embroidered jewellery was part of my identity as a designer and artist for a very long time. And although I've moved on to other artistic pathways, hand embroidery of traditional Bulgarian symbols will always be deeply rooted in my heart.

That's exactly why I was thrilled when I got an invitation to join the project of the talented Elisa Neri for her first original song and music video, called Sand Clock.

The idea of the song and the video is to acknowledge and emphasise on the feelings of immigrants all over the world. Elisa describes the project as a mirror of her own emotions. Being half Italian, half Bulgarian, who lives in England, she always felt strongly connected to Bulgaria. She wanted to represent and feature in her video the symbols of Bulgarian culture that every immigrant carries in their heart no matter what corner of the world they find themselves in.

That resonated with me on all levels.

I created a jewellery set of a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings, hand embroidered with shevitsas and one of the most prominent symbols of our culture - the Bulgarian rose. Elisa wore the set in her video. I also made a unique jewellery box, a diary cover and an album, which played a significant role in the project.

The song and video premiered on YouTube on 2nd September, 2019 (Elisa's 16th birthday). You can watch it below.

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