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Classy, Sentimental, Exclusive...just like Paris

Dubbed the most romantic city in the world, Paris is a lot more than a fancy destination for couples. And although it was love that took me there, Paris became the inspiration behind one of my most exclusive jewellery collections.

In August 2015, my husband (then boyfriend) surprised me with a trip to Paris for our first anniversary. It was a beautiful experience. We managed to visit most of the must-see spots and savour the artistic spirit of everything around us. During one of our long walks, a little jewellery shop caught my eye. I bought a bracelet with Paris attractions charms. Those charms became the creative seeds of my limited Paris in my Heart - LIMITED EDITION collection.

When we returned to England I dismantled the bracelet and used each part to create unique pieces, adding irreplaceable touches of my own. Some of the jewellery features authentic 2015 tickets from the Paris underground trains.

That collection turned into one of my best-kept secrets over the years and I published only a couple of the items I had created. One of them was a pair of earrings, which ended up on the ears of a French lady whose daughter was my piano student. She felt so emotional when she saw the pair and said they reminded her of home.

Recently a friend of mine from X-press Yourself Custom Apparel visited the French capital and brought me a few new subway tickets so that I can create more pieces and complete the limited collection. Once those designs are sold there will be no repetition of the same. Perfect for those who love exclusive, sentimental and classy jewellery.

Now it's time for Paris in My Heart to shine in its full glory. Voilà!

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