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The Loyal Fortune-Magnet

Hello September and hello autumn! It is one of the most reflective, but simultaneously productive times of year. Three quarters have gone and we all have our last chance to make the current year a really successful one. On the quest of doing that, we can rely on one of September's most prominent birthstones - Sapphire! Not only is it gorgeous in its royal blue shade, but it also brings numerous blessings and abundance. Bring it on, I say!

Sapphire and the Zodiac Signs

Before we get onto too much detail about sapphire, I have to acknowledge the other very popular birthstone in September and therefore guiding light for Virgos - Lapis Lazuli. The Wisdom Stone as many call it.

Turning my eyes back to sapphire, it is one of the symbols of Libras and, of course Virgos. It fits perfectly their loyal nature and constant desire for justice. Sapphire promotes honesty, fidelity and truthfulness. Ruled by Saturn and reflecting to the Moon, sapphire might correspond to some other star signs, even though unofficially.

Sapphire and the Chakras

Sapphire is a deeply spiritual stone. In many world religions and beliefs it is referred to as a holy stone. There is some suggestions that the 10 Commandments were written on sapphire tablets. The ancient Persians believed that the earth lies on a giant piece of that stone and it is what made the sky blue. The Romans and the Greeks thought it represents heaven.

When it comes to chakras, sapphire is extremely potent. It can connect well to all seven, however, the dominant one is the throat chakra, responsible for clear and concise communication. The stone can also be used in Feng Shui to activate the Wisdom and the Wealth corners in your home.

Health Benefits of Sapphire

This royal gem is great for your spiritual wellbeing, but also brings important physical health benefits. In the Middle Ages, healers believed that it can treat the boils caused by plague, some eye diseases and even used it as antidote to poison. In contemporary alternative medicine, sapphire is used to aid digestion and treat some stomach issues.

When to give Sapphire as a Gift

Sapphire jewellery is a fantastic birthday gift for September babies. But the stone is one of the most commonly used in luxury accessories making. Sapphire engagement rings are extremely sought after, considering the history and meaning of the gem. Traditionally, this beautiful deep blue stone is given at the 5th and the 45th wedding anniversary to solidify the couple's commitment to each other and give the ongoing promise of fidelity and dedication.

An interesting fact is that Princess Diana's engagement ring featured a massive sapphire. Today that ring is worn by the Princess of Wales - Kate.

Sapphire is believed to bless its bearer with wisdom, wealth, love and fame.

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