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Opal - The Omnipotent Jewel

What a lovely month October is! And to make it even better, the leading stone for the period is opal - one of my personal favourite! Opal is such an intriguing and inspiring stone with so many different abilities and rich mystic history. When it comes to looks, there's hardly any competition. Lucky you, October babies!

Opal and the Zodiac Signs

Naturally, as the birthstone for October, opal is the guiding gem for Libras and Scorpios. Perhaps, the latter get their undeniable passion and sexual drive as a spiritual gift from this very stone. Opal is known to promote romance and desire, which are also closely linked to the nature of Librans. Again, as this frequently happens, there is another birthstone, October babies can use - tourmaline. It comes in many different colours and has various purposes - from protection, to ease of anxiety and healing.

Opal and the Chakras

It is worth noting that opal is a very emotional stone and reflects the mood of its wearer. That's probably why historically, it has been associated with both good and bad luck. Essentially, it represents the energy law you receive what you give. The multicoloured opal with a white base is not particularly linked to any of the seven chakras. A variation of opal, though, the fire opal connects perfectly to the sacral chakra to promote passion, expression of sexuality and help with infertility.

Health Benefits of Opal

Just as I mentioned, opal is used to aid in the resolution of reproductive issues. It is also a great stone for diabetics - it boosts insulin production. Reduces the discomfort of PMS, period pains and menopause. And if that's not good enough, it also helps purify the blood, decreases water retention and boosts the memory. What an omnipotent gem indeed!

The Romans believed opal is the most powerful stone of all as it contained all the colours of other precious gems. They also referred to it as Cupid Stone. The ancient Greeks thought it possesses prophetic powers and it could be used to see the future.

When to Give Opal as a Gift

Anyone with a birthday in October will benefit from an opal jewellery, given with love and pure intentions. There are some beliefs that this stone should not be bought by the wearer, therefore it should always be gifted to bring good luck. But this is more closely related to the energy it is presented with. As a reflective stone it will store and give out what you have put in it. Give it with love and the wearer will experience love. Give it with a notch of envy and the receiver may feel more negativity than positivity.

Traditionally, opal is given as a gift on the 34-th wedding anniversary to represent faithfulness and perfection.

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