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Jewellery Trends 2022

As a designer, I keep up with the fashion, accessories and jewellery trends. It helps me keep my creative process flowing and stay on top. Skimming through Vogue at the beginning of the year had me really excited. It seems great minds do think alike as most of the ideas I had in my planner perfectly align with the global jewellery trends for 2022.

Spiritual Jewellery

I have been designing pieces with crystals for years but enrolling in my current course of study was that final push I needed to really submerge into the world of spiritual jewellery creation. People are looking for pieces they can have an emotional connection with. Birthstones, crystals for zodiac signs, engraved pendants and rings - all that offer a sentimental feeling to an item you wear not only for fashion but also to express, protect and grow. In my collection Spiritual Soul, you can find a range of designs featuring different natural stones, crystals and gems.

Sustainable Jewellery

Apart from being conscious about the connection with one's soul, people are even more conscious about their relationship with nature and the environment. Sustainable jewellery becomes a really important part of the contemporary fashion scene. Big names, as well as indie designers, take old vintage pieces and recycle them into new, more affordable, but equally stunning items. Working with natural and biodegradable materials is part of the eco-friendly trend - something that I have been focusing on for the past 5 years!

Happy Jewellery

Wearing jewellery that just makes you happy is a real thing now. Anything from bright colours and a variety of shapes to a mixture of materials goes well. You don't have to choose between gold and silver, you can wear both and that's perfectly acceptable this season. Floral and animalistic designs walked on major jewellery fashion shows and keep shining on the covers of renowned magazines. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa display a lot of affection for playful jewellery, which happens to be right on trend, especially during the hot summer days and nights.

Bigger is Better

2022 is certainly not the time for small studs and delicate jewellery. Off-the-cuff bracelets are a hit, covering a large part of the arm, almost halfway to the elbow. Earrings tend to be extra long and massive as statement pieces. As we naturally move to smaller purses or no purses at all, jewellery becomes the new most prominent accessory for expression.

Winning Shapes and Elements

Apart from flowers and animals, body parts, such as faces, eyes, lips and more, are popular elements. I have a pair of gorgeous earrings to complete your trendy look. Massive pearls, arcs (incomplete circles) and locks and keys are the other shapes and elements which will keep you looking edgy and stylish in 2022.

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