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Clear Quartz - The Hope Solidifier

Can you believe it is already April? This year seems to be running so wildly fast. But welcoming a new month also means, it's time to turn our eyes to a new stone. The birthstone for April happens to be clear quartz, also known as Rock Stone. And to be completely transparent, in some traditional crystal books and teachings, you may find that the April birthstone is in fact, a diamond. While the latter is considered a lot more precious, both stones bear the same or very similar spiritual load.

Clear Quartz Star Sign

Clear quartz is the stone linked to the Aries star sign. As obstinate as they may be at times, Aries are also very artistic. Their birthstone is known as a reflector of inner hopes, ideas and desires. In other words, it can help bring vision into reality by making the person who wears it really believe their hopes are real opportunities. That explains why Aries are so brave and living in the moment, doesn't it?

Clear Quartz and Body Chakras

Just like the Amethyst, the clear quartz resonates with the Crown chakra. Because it reflects your desires and your thoughts, it is a potent amplifier of your connection with your Higher Self. This is an ideal stone for meditation and manifestation. I recommend wearing clear quartz jewellery during New Moons when you write down your intentions for the coming days and weeks.

Health Benefits Associated with Clear Quartz

This lovely stone is regarded as a "Master Healer" because it has so many healing properties for mind, body and soul. It strengthens the immune system, balances the hormones and moods, restores and amplifies your physical and spiritual energy. Just to get an idea of how powerful clear quartz actually is, I will tell you that those fortune telling crystal balls we've all heard about were made out of that crystal and nothing else. This stone awakens your confidence and solidifies your hopes, which makes you a determined go-getter.

When to Give Clear Quartz as a Gift

Of course, a bracelet with clear quartz would be a lovely birthday gift to someone born in April or representing the Aries star sign. But also, gifting jewellery with this crystal to a close friend for New Year's is a brilliant idea. As an amplifier of desires and a powerful manifestation stone, clear quartz can be that little detail that helps resolutions turn into achievements. For those celebrating their first 10 years of marriage, a gift with this crystal is the traditional token of celebration.

I personally like clear quartz because I can match it with every and any outfit and occasion. A truly versatile crystal that is!

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