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Citrine & Topaz - the Perfect Duet

Doesn't this title remind you of the magnificent song Ed Sheeran and Beyonce released some years ago? Well, the article is not about the song, but you can play it in the background while reading. It perfectly matches the energy.

November is a golden month, a month of abundance and blessings. So, it makes sense that the crystals associated with it have the same colour and attract the same fortunes. Citrine and topaz are both natural stones that often get mistaken for each other. Citrine is a variation of quartz with a clear to yellow colour. Topaz is mostly transparent (quite like clear quartz or diamond), but it could be found in all the colours of the rainbow plus brown and pink. The pink-red-ish topaz is the rarest and, therefore, most expensive.

Citrine and Topaz & the Zodiac Signs

There would be no better birthstones for the Scorpio than the perfect duo of citrine and topaz. They both represent the fiery temperament of this star sign and boost their self-confidence. If you ever wondered where Scorpios got their magnetism from, well, they were born with it and those two stones help them recognise, realise and own this amazing quality. Citrine and topaz are believed to soothe anger and strong emotions, which is exactly what Scorpios need when their natural temper is provoked.

Citrine and Topaz & the Chakras

The Perfect Duet connects best with the Solar Plexus chakra. This is the centre of the body and it is responsible for all the feelings towards the self - confidence, esteem, ego, etc. It controls negative emotions, such as frustration, anger, discontentment. Those two crystals have the power to balance such strong feelings and encourage a healthy and realistic view of one's character.

If the solar plexus chakra is out of balance there are clear signs that show either under or over stimulation. If you often feel ashamed, insecure, out of control of your life, lacking courage, that is an indication your solar plexus chakra needs nourishment. If, on the other hand, you display toxic traits like manipulative behaviour, aggression, rage, over-dominance, control over other people's actions, then the chakra is overactive and needs toning down. Meditating with either citrine or topaz (or both) placed just above your navel, will help in any of those two scenarios.

Citrine and Topaz & Health Benefits

African shamans use topaz for a variety of healing rituals. In India, the stone is used to ensure long life and youthful look. Alternative medicine recommends topaz for the treatment of arthritis, indigestion and to assist weight loss. Wearing citrine should help with raising the levels of physical energy and reducing fatigue. It also strengthens the immune system and purifies the blood from toxins.

When to Give Citrine and Topaz as Presents

Going to a Scorpio's birthday party? Bring a perfect duo bracelets with citrine and topaz. These stones are also a lovely gift for someone who is starting their own business. Citrine is the crystal of success and abundance. Topaz will guide the wearer in the right direction and help them make the right decisions.

Citrine is given on the 13th wedding anniversary as a token of assurance and recommitment. Topaz, traditionally makes a great gift for the 23rd anniversary of your union. It symbolises rare and devoted love.

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