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Bubolini at London Fashion Week

International Models wearing Bubolini jewellery presented on London Fashion Week 2021
Bubolini & HipCurve at London Fashion Week 2021. Photographer Nima Madadi, IG @nimamadadii

Every designer's dream is to appear at the major fashion shows in at least one the iconic fashion cities - London, Paris, Milan or New York.

Bubolini recently made that dream a reality.

In collaboration with Hip Curve - a contemporary, womenswear brand - Bubolini's boutique beaded jewellery walked the stage at the glamorous London Fashion Week in June 2021.

Some of the pieces were exclusively created for the designs from Hip Curve's new collection. Others were an inspiration to the creation of the featured garments.

Bubolini's jewellery is 100% handmade with exquisite quality materials. The beads used in the embroidery of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are made from Japanese glass. It adds more brilliance, has vibrant colours and guarantees a sophisticated look.

The designs come in a variety of shapes, colours and patterns. Part of them are playful - ideal for the hot summer days and nights. A different selection of the pieces are more suited for a classic, chic and timeless outfits.

Professional model wearing Bubolini's Inspiration earrings at London Fashion Week 2021.
Model wearing Inspiration earrings at LFW. Photographer Mihai Tocaru, IG @michaeltocaru

The earrings called Inspiration were the first design in Bubolini's beaded collection. They go with a variety of outfits and match various styles.

Professional model wearing Bubolini's Tropicana earrings at a catwalk during London Fashion Week 2021
Model wearing Tropicana earrings. Photographer Mihai Tocaru, IG @michaeltocaruer

Tropicana are one of Bubolini's best sellers. Also holiday goers favourite!

Professional model wearing Bubolini's Ice Queen in the Dark earrings on a catwalk at LFW 2021
Model wearing Ice Queen in the Dark earrings. Photographer Steve Carver, IG @steve_carver_photograpy

For the ladies, who prefer classic designs and sleek look, Ice Queen in the Dark is a brilliant option. The pair made its first appearance in Bubolini's Winter 2020 collection.

Professional model wearing Bubolini's Victoria earrings at London Fashion Week 2021.
Model wearing Victoria earrings at LFW 2021. Photographer Mihai Tocaru, IG @michaeltocaru

The Victoria earrings are one of the newest Bubolini creations. They were specifically designed for one of the piece's in Hip Curve's collection.

All jewellery designs presented on London Fashion Week are now listed in our online shop. Customisation of colours is available for some pieces if you want your jewellery to be absolutely unique.

Bubolini is currently busy developing new additions to the Summer 2021 collection. Apart from our favourite glass beads, we are introducing designs with birthstones, crystals and precious metals. This is a way of self-expression and building a bridge between contemporary jewellery and the spiritual world, ruled by male and female energies.

A lot of the designs are influenced by social movements, natural forces and seasonal vibes. Your favourite pair of earrings could be waiting for you right now in Bubolini's shop. So, go get it!

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