• Gergana Sirkarova

Behind Bubolini

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

The Beginning

Behind the cheerful name and fascinating designs of Bubolini shines the talented Gergana. Geri was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during the frosty winter of 1982. Her artistic journey began at an early childhood age, when a nursery teacher noticed Geri’s gift for art. 

Her first love happened to be music. She started piano lessons being only 5 years old. It didn’t take long before she discovered her passion for crafts and took up pottery, graphics and embroidery classes. On her path to adolescence Geri continued to develop both her musical and fine art skills and knowledge. She has won multiple contests and taken part in various exhibitions. 

Following her artistic route, Geri graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv with a degree in Music Pedagogy. While studying she began crafting various accessories for her friends and family, including keyholders, jewellery and phone decorations. A happy “customer” pointed out she has golden hands and should be using them in starting a business. This is how Bubolini was born. 

The Shop

In 2008, the same person who inspired Geri to sell her gorgeous creations became her first real customer with a bespoke order of a leather keyholder. Bubolini grew fast and soon had regular customers from all over the country, who bought the creative adornments through Facebook and at various pop up shops and markets Geri toured. 

The overwhelming success encouraged Gergana to open a physical shop in the old town of Plovdiv in 2012.

The New Journey

Her free spirit and drive for discovering more art brought Geri to the UK in 2013. Here, she met not only great people to share her passion with, but also her new love, to share her life with. Geri’s partner was compelled by the talent and vision she had and fully supported her into following the dream of making Bubolini an international success. 

 The Creations

Geri uses a variety of materials for her accessories. She started with making jewellery from leather, wood, metal, glass and threads. She enjoys experimenting with new and unconventional techniques like glass beads embroidery. 

A Few Words from Geri

“I’m so lucky to be doing what I’ve always wanted and turn my passion into my living. Embroidery, especially featuring traditional Bulgarian embroidery - shevitsas, is very close to my heart. I love decorating photo frames, albums and scrapbooks. Many of my products are eco-friendly, made of fully recyclable materials - paper, glass, denim, gemstones. My newest collections also feature sterling silver. Personalised items are my favourite to make. What really matters to me is making people feel happy and special. “

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