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Aquamarine - The Clear Sight Giver

New month, new stone to explore! The focus in March falls directly on aquamarine. This beautiful, blue-green gemstone is one of the most widely used in jewellery making and its healing powers have been utilised by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Let's learn what is so special about it.

Aquamarine Star Sign

As its name suggests, aquamarine is connected to water and it is only logical it governs a water sign - Pisces. If you were born in March or during Pisces season, you will greatly benefit from wearing aquamarine jewellery. It is a stone that promotes harmony, calmness and good sleep. For the highly emotional people, Pisceans are, their birthstone is useful in bringing clarity and balance in processing all those feelings.

Aquamarine and Body Chakras

Each of our chakras has a specific stone that they form a deeper connection with. Aquamarine is linked to the throat chakra, which rules communication and self-expression. It is a great sone to use during meditation as it improves the connection to the higher self and other dimensions. If you are someone who loves dreaming or often has prophetic dreams, wearing aquamarine or putting it under your pillow will strengthen and advance your spirituality and your supernatural foresight.

Health Benefits Associated with Aquamarine

This gemstone is a true blessing for someone who is experiencing emotional trauma. It cools the temper and helps resolve conflicts. On a purely physical level, the ancient Romans believed that aquamarine has the power to improve eye impairment. They gave pieces of the stone or items made with it to those who struggled with their sight. Rumour has it, even Emperor Nero tried to cure his eye problems with aquamarine. According to the greeks, this is the sailor's protection stone, it calms the ocean waters and relieves sea sickness.

When to Give Aquamarine as a Gift

Many engagement rings feature aquamarine in light or dark shades, but traditionally, it is given as a gift for the 13th wedding anniversary. It makes also a great present for a highly emotional person, someone who has a troubled mind, a creative and spiritually advanced soul, or just a friend who was born in March.

Do you own any aquamarine jewellery? Why don't you have a look at our Spiritual Soul collection and see if something catches your attention?

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