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Bubolini is a handmade jewellery brand, offering unique designs and featuring a variety of materials and techniques. The brand was born out of passion for art and cultural representation back in 2008.


Originally starting from Bulgaria, Bubolini is now based in the UK. All items are designed with love, made with care and presented with style. In 2019 the brand received numerous publications in the press after winning the Handmade Business of the Year Award and the public vote for Sole Proprietor of the Year in the first edition of the Bulgarian British Business Awards. The success was followed by many appearances on special craft events and markets.


Bubolini’s collections are always inspired by tradition, art and sustainability. Many of the products are made of fully recyclable materials – paper, glass, denim, cotton, gemstones, sterling silver.

Customer care and environmental consciousness are two of our main values as a brand.


Each order is carefully packed in 100% bio degradable recycled cotton bag.


The packaging can be used as a gentle keepsake or protective storage for jewellery and other fragile items.



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