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100% handcrafted dangle oval earrings, handembroidered with a very high quality uniform shaped glass beads. They are just perfect to wear for any mood or occasion!



Full lenght with ear hooks: aprox. 4.3cm (1.7inch)

Width: aprox. 2cm ( 0.78inch)


The earrings are presented in an eco recyclable cotton bag for gift giving and 14k Gold Filled 20mm French ear wires.


Customisations are available upon request please, drop us a message.


Among the list of hottest places on Earth, the Sahara desert in Mauritania near Ouadane, Africa definitely figures in the lineup, where temperatures can reach as high as 57.7 degrees Celsius. Harsh and hot winds ravage the extensive area throughout the year but there is also a mystery place in the desert, and worldwide people call it “The Eye of the Sahara.”,also known as the Richat Structure or the Guelb er Richat. Geologists believe that the Eye's formation began when the supercontinent Pangaea started to pull apart.

Eye Of The Sahara

SKU: 2021*1049
    1. Remove jewellery when showering or bathing. This is particularly important when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water.
    2. Avoid wearing jewellery when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening or exercise.
    3. Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products, especially bleach and highly reactive solutions.
    4. Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray on the jewellery.
    5. Remove jewellery when applying make-up.
    6. Keep away from extreme temperatures and humidity.
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