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Be DIVINE with an amethyst bracelet!

Perfect to wear for any occasion or just for everyday wear. 

  • Bracelet sizes: XS- 5.5"/ 14.5cm                               

                                      S- 6.5" / 16.5cm

                                     M- 7.5" / 19cm

                                      L - 8.5" / 21cm

  • Materials: natural round amethyst 8mm; stainless steel logo disc.

  • Style: Boho/Hippie/Spiritual


Amethyst stone properties:

February birthstone

- enhancing the immune system.

- improving endocrine function.

- reducing headaches.

- promoting digestive health.

- improving the skin's appearance 

- regulating hormones.

- reduces negative energetic influences.

- balance emotions.

- third eye awakening.

- activates Crown chakra.

- 6th Wedding anniversary stone.


For more, read here: Amethyst - The Purple Mind Soother.

Be DIVINE Amethyst Bracelet

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