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Be DIVINE with this duo amethyst bracelet! Birthstone for February.

Perfect to wear for any occasion or just for everyday wear. An ideal choice for jewellery marking six years of wedded bliss, amethyst is one of them.


  • Bracelet sizes: XS- 5.5"/ 14.5cm

                                       S- 6.5" / 16.5cm

                                      M- 7.5" / 19cm

                                       L - 8.5" / 21cm

  • Materials: frosted natural amethyst 8mm; amethyst 3&4 mm; freshwater pearls and stainless steel logo disc.

  • Style: Boho/Hippie/Spiritual


Amethyst stone properties:

February Birthstone

- enhancing the immune system.

- improving endocrine function.

- reducing headaches.

- promoting digestive health.

- improving the skin's appearance 

- regulate hormones.

- reduces negative energetic influences.

- balance emotions.

- third eye awakening.

- activates Crown chakra.

- 6th Wedding anniversary stone.


For more, read here: Amethyst - The Purple Mind Soother

Be DIVINE Amethyst Duo Bracelet

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