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♫ Behind the cheerful name and fascinating designs of Bubolini shines the talented Gergana. That’s me.


My artistic journey began at an early childhood age when a nursery teacher told me I have a gift for art.

Following that artistic route, I graduated in Plovdiv with a degree in Music Pedagogy. While studying I began crafting various accessories for my friends and family, including keyholders, jewellery and phone decorations. A happy “customer” pointed out I had golden hands and should be using them in starting a business. This is how Bubolini was born.

Bubolini grew fast and soon had regular customers from all over the country, who bought the creative adornments through Facebook and at various pop-up shops and markets I toured.

I’ve always seen myself as a free spirit. So, that and my drive for discovering more art brought me to the UK in 2013. Here, I met not only great people to share my passion with, but also the man, to share my life with. I am a lucky woman! From the onset, he was compelled by my talent and vision and fully supported me into following the dream of making Bubolini an international success.


2019 was truly the most eventful year in my life. In May 2019, Bubolini was crowned Best Handmade Business by the jury of the Bulgarian Business Awards and won the public vote in the Sole Proprietor of the Year category. My soul-inspired jewellery and I toured many events and markets in the UK, while I was expecting the greatest joy of my life.

On 16th August 2019, that joy arrived earlier than expected. Her name is Nicole. She changed Bubolini and me for good and for the better. Born prematurely and with a cleft palate, Nicole required a lot of care and my full devotion. But she also brought me more inspiration than anything else I’ve ever experienced. 


Watch this space! I am now full of ideas. There are many causes, I’d like to support and raise awareness on as an artist, creator and a small business. ♫

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